"If you insist on wearing gloves, make sure they match your purse."


Mark Rippetoe is a funny and smart guy. And generally correct. When it comes to barbell training, his specialty, there is no need to cover the hands. They will gradually toughen up and function just fine until they do. Sure they may hurt a little but they aren't going to rip open and bleed.

Throw some kipping pull ups in to the mix and that all changes. We are going to ignore the other issues that need to be addressed, including weak dead hang pull ups, poor kipping technique, etc for now. We work on that stuff all the time. Let's focus on gloves for now.

The desire for a pair of gloves makes sense. Ripping hurts...for the next week. It also limits you training. So we should all run out and get gloves right? Not so fast my friend. Gloves really don't work well. They put a thick slippery surface between you and the bar thus making the bar hard to hold on to. Not cool. Even worse gloves have been known to cause even  more tearing as they increase the friction on the hand.

Pick a pair up here

Ok, gloves are out. What's in? Grips. There is a reason gymnasts use these over gloves. They work. And they are fairly inexpensive. These may not stop all rips but they help. A lot. Add a pair of wristbands to keep the wsweat off and you just might be able to shake a couple of hands on Friday night.