Extra Work

It seems that CrossFit is divided into lifestyle and sport. The lifestyle crossfitters train three to five daysa week for an hour at a time. Sport trainees live in the gym. They train six days a week sometimes twice a day fro up to six hours a day. Their life, from food to sleep to vacation, revolves around CrossFit.  Lifestyle athletes generally can't do this because they prioritize things like kids, work or even Netflix over top level CrossFit comp. Neither one is right or wrong.  What is wrong though is thinking these are the only two options.

As with most things there are more than two options. You can still be a lifestyle athlete but dedicate some extra time for specific work. How much? That's up to you. That's a terrible, unhelpful answer I know. So in order to help you figure out what you can do we created a template to guide you. All you have to do is decide what you want to improve on and go for it. 

The slow lifts – Press, Squat, Deadlift and variations

3 sets of 5 reps

Start light. 60-70% of 1rm and increase each time. Once you cannot increase each time increase weekly

3 days a week

Olympic Weight Lifting


10 sets of 2 at light weight

Stay light. 30-50% of 1rm or barbell.

3 days a week


4 sets of 2

Start light and increase in a linear progression. Be aware of technical failure and stop before that.

3 days a week


Develop first rep

Follow the progressions on progression sheet

3 days a week

Increase current abilities

Linear progression

3 days a week

Start with number of reps about 60% of max x 3 sets and increase from there


Do one thing

Pick one item. Do it three days a week. Should take no more than 15 minutes. 

Do two things a week alternating

Pick two things and alternate days. This will require either hitting the gym 5 days a week or picking something you can do at home. 

Alternating Sets

This works best pairing gymnastic movements with barbell work. For example you would do 1 set of squats then in the rest period do a set of pull ups. 

Two things three days a week

This is great if you have a half hour but only three days a week. You can do two things back to back on alternating days.