If I’m not in shape at all, is CrossFit too intense for me?

CrossFit is completely scalable, and designed for anyone desiring to become healthier, faster and stronger. Regardless of your current weight or even some old war wounds, our members come in all shapes and sizes ranging from 12-65 years old. Don’t let anything stop you, and if you have questions, come in for a trial.

Why does it cost more than a typical gym?

This is a common question only asked by those who haven’t experienced our program first-hand. Each class is lead by a knowledgeable instructor, and the entire community has access to the head coaches who will guide them scrupulously through proper movement and eating habits. Our coaches aren't mere meat heads who got some certificate online. They've gone through an intense training and internship program designed by head coaches Matt and David. Many of them are PHD's and they all share an intense passion for helping people move properly and reach their fitness goals. The coaches invest their time and knowledge in each member….well worth leading a healthier life.

Can I drop in from another CrossFit gym

Yes, both locations accept drop ins, but you must first contact and receive confirmation from either location. Please bring cash for your drop in fee. More information can be found on the drop in page here

Does each class have a coach?

Yes, each class is lead by a Certified coach and our coaches are second to none. They are there to make sure you’re moving properly, efficiently and most of all, safely when going through the workouts. Your coaches and fellow crossfitters are always there to help. 

Is it really competitive?

This is up to the individual member. In any CrossFit gym, you’re competing with yourself, to always improve and move forward. Naturally though, there will be certain members who will give you a nice push, and you’ll do the same for them. Healthy competition is always supported, but never mandatory. Your coaches are there to make sure that you engage in intense fitness, but NEVER at the cost of sacrificing our core movement principles. 

Are there different classes for different skill levels?

The beauty of our programming is that any workout can be scaled up, or down to meet the needs of our membership. This allows classes to offer tremendous workouts to members of all skill levels, as well as provides newer members with clear strength and endurance goals. All new members first go through our on ramp programs where they learn the fundamentals behind proper movement mechanics and Olympic lifts. This program is not designed to make you an expert, rather it will provide an ever-important foundation for moving forward. 

I’ve heard CrossFit is like a cult, is that true?

Well…..sort of. Those who are serious about their fitness tend to become, for lack of a better word, addicted to CrossFit. So it’s a group of like-minded individuals who come together, go through odd rituals where they push themselves and their friends to often times do things they never thought possible, all under the watchful eye of a leader. It’s all about getting crazy-fit, and having fun with friends while doing so.

I have bad shoulders/knees, etc. am I going to get hurt doing crossfit?

Crossfit, especially at CrossFit Sarasota and CrossFit SRQ, focuses on functional movement, and when we properly execute functional movement it can be done safely, and actually help strengthen the weak areas of our body that have been neglected due to injury. Our goal is to teach you to move correctly that’s why there’s always a coach making sure you’re in proper position and focusing at all times on your technique. Just because you have some old war wounds doesn't mean you give up. Most of our members come to us with previous injuries, ranging from shoulder and knee problems to back and hip issues. It's all about proper movement, and sadly, more often than not our members were taught improper mechanics throughout their lives.

Should CrossFit replace my other fitness routines, such as general weight lifting and running?

Depends on your goals. If you’re a tri-athlete crossfit is a tremendous compliment to the running, biking and swimming already in your training regimen. The idea behind adding something like crossfit is to improve your power output, something lacking in pure endurance training. If you simply want to get REALLY fit, then crossfit will get you there on its own. We recommend no less than three crossfit workouts per week, but if you’re serious, four or five will ensure you reach maximum fitness.