We have several programs for people of all levels with different goals. Contact us to find out more about these programs.

CrossFit Group Classes

These are the core of our program. They are perfect for most people and scalable to your abilities. Work in small group classes along side like-minded people to meet your fitness goals. In these classes you will master the basics of functional fitness. Each class is coached to teach you things you never thought possible.

Endurance Program

If you are a marathon runner, triathlete or other endurance athlete, we have a  program designed for you. Get better at your sport by training properly for it. From nutrition to technique to a training program the endurance program has it covered.

 Olympic Weightlifting

Spend time perfectingthe clean and Jerk, as well as the snatch. We spend an hourdeveloping and learning the lifts along with assistance exercises like squats, pulls and presses. Good for all levels. Perfect class for athletes looking to improve power, competitive weight lifters and general fitness enthusiasts looking to improve performance.

Elements Class

 Featuring the same movements as our CrossFit classes just done at a lower intensity, the Elements program is designed for people who want a little more work on their technique. The class is ideal for you if you completed the beginner program but still aren't ready to jump in to the deep end of the pool, you have a sever orthopedic issue or are recovering from an injury, or you simply want more time to work on technique outside of normal classes.

Private or Semi private Training

While group training is sufficient for most people, including everyday athletes. Private training is a better option for many people. Our private training may be for you if you fit into one of these categories:

You are recovering from a severe injury or illness

You are new to exercise

You were referred by your doctor

You are an elite athlete with specific performance goals

Please contact us to set up a private session