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Matt Wilmoth


August 13, 2023

Why you should work out for your kids

Working out and hitting the gym can feel selfish. It can feel like you are cutting into time with the family. Time spent at the gym is time you can’t spend with the kids. Sure you would love to be fit but now is not the time.

I hear a variation of this every time I meet someone outside the gym that doesn’t exercise. And I get it but there are reasons you should work out for your kids and your family. Part of this comes because we view exercise as a way to look good but it’s so much more than that. Here are five reasons you need to make the time for fitness even if you are a busy parent.


Your activity increases the likelihood your child is active

Tell your kid they need to get off the couch and get some activity in won’t work. This is someone anyone who has tried will tell you but its also backed up by research.

Luckily there is a way to make it more likely that you will have an active child and that’s to be active yourself.  

Children with active moms are twice as likely to active than children with inactive moms. When both parents are active that number goes to almost 6 times more likely. So if you want to have kids that are active your best investment is in your fitness.


Improved mood

Spending time with the family is great but a lot of times your mental state isn’t optimal. One of the most important benefits of exercise is an improved sense of mood.

If you find yourself anxious or generally in a bad mood exercise can be a great help. In fact exercise for some people can be as effective as a treatment for depression as antidepressant medications. So if you not only want spend time with your kids but actually enjoy it exercise can help.


Increased energy and reduced tiredness

I can count on one hand the number of parents who didn’t tell me they were tired when they walked in the doors at the gym. Exercise is an easy way to combat this. Yes exercising will help with sleep but exercise can go beyond that to help you be more energetic. In reality the three to four hours a week you hit the gym you will get back because you will have  more energy every day. finally have the energy to do all the stuff you need and want to.


Stress relief

You are probably getting pulled in a million directions every day and most people feel more stressed than ever. Research has consistently shown that physical activity can significantly reduce stress. Not only will having lower levels of stress allow you to be more present and patient with the kids it's also a huge factor in long term health.



Most of look at exercise as a luxury. And through some years of life it may even seem like it in terms of health. The truth is though that exercise particularly strength and aerobic fitness are the best indicators of health. Sure you can get by without exercise but eventually it will catch up. If you not only want to. Be around for your kids and grandkids but have the capacity to do the fun stuff with them it’s time to look at exercise as a need.

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